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Align With Your Higher Self

Through An Intuitive Consultation

Susannah offers Intuitive Consultations focusing on your inner gifts, strengths and challenges as they currently express in your life, revealing how to break through obstacles to your personal growth.

The readings include the use of Tarot, Chakra cards, and Reiki Drumming for emotional clearing, balancing and alignment.

ic-layoutSusannah developed what she calls a HAPPY READING™, a unique, 5 card spread designed to focus on 5 aspects of sacred aliveness needed to activate alignment with your highest possible Self.

H for Here

A for Awake

P for Passion

P for Power

Y for Yes!

Utilizing 26 years of experience working as a Licensed Professional Counselor, she is a highly intuitive Empath who employs her well developed, clair-cognizant abilitites to facilitate healing, empowerment and awakening.

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“Having lived with sadness, manifested often quietly, yet ever present, for nearly eight years and never even expecting that this sadness would somehow surface during my intuitive reading with Susannah, I can only say now that the newness and lightness that I feel is real.

At the onset, we did not know what would be the result of the session, as we were dependent on the direction of the conversation, the seemingly random cut (my choice) of the tarot cards, and my own abilitiy to allow the feelings to surface, erupt, be understood, and addressed with honesty and support.

In the end there was peace….It came to me through the skill and intuitive powers that Susannah offered. I thank her daily for the “lightness” that took hold of me that day.

Thank you, Susannah, for your voice and for the dedication to your practice. We are lucky to have you among us as we all work through our human experience.”

M.W., Oxford, MS
“I have been a client of Susannah’s for two years now and am sooooooo grateful for her walking the path of healing with me! Together we laugh, we cry, and we are awed by the power of the simple techniques she uses. It is clear that Spirit is guiding her and me in these sessions, and I can’t wait to see what is next!”
F.G., Eugene, OR