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To set up an appointment, call or email Susannah for available times.


You can expect to hear back from your inquiry within 24 hours.

Susannah will answer your questions and concerns and discuss your needs to determine if she is the best choice for you as a therapist.  She has a wide range of colleagues for referrals, if needed.

For the counseling services, there will be documents sent to you via email, and Susannah will explain everything about them during your initial communication.

You can expect everything you share to be held in the strictest confidence. Susannah employs her counseling, consulting and teaching services with the utmost respect and integrity.

Sessions are conducted in person, by phone, or video conferencing.


Individual – $150 per hour

Workshops/Classes – $15-$60 per person, depending on the time duration of class

Weekend Retreats – $200-$300, plus food/lodging

What Clients Say

Truly grateful for her talent, skill and generosity

“What a gift Susannah is.  Full of wonder, passion and spirit, she teaches us to be true to our own nature, and thus in touch with sources of creativity, humor and strength.  She will gladly guide our journey because she has walked the path herself  and confronted what we fear the most, our own power.  She invites us into the realm of the Spirit of truth, a Spirit that heals, awakens, challenges, connects, and laughs.  It has been my good fortune to practice Master Mind with her for about 25 years and the beneficiary of many hours in meditation with Susannah.  I am truly grateful for her talent, skill and generosity.”
P.S., Oxford, MS

Empathetic, honest, and understanding

“As someone who struggled to find a therapist I connected with throughout my twenties, finding Susannah via a friend’s recommendation has been a true life-changer. Hurt by the therapy process more then helped, my time with Susannah is the first process that has felt like a healing one. Unlike others in the field who simply sit back and let you talk, Susannah is an active, engaged listener, asking pertinent questions, offering examples from her own experience and even guidance upon request, which I particularly appreciate. Susannah is empathetic, honest, and understanding. Her use of non-traditional techniques, like visualization and the Web of Creation technique, are amazing and eye-opening. I am so grateful for these experiences; I can’t sing Susannah’s praises enough!”
E.K., Seattle, WA

Another key to healing at a deeper level

“Susannah’s guided meditations are so empowering.  I am amazed at how she can spend half a session with me, listening to my concerns and issues, and then how she “channels” the perfect meditation custom made for me.  Each time I listen and practice one of her meditations, I find another jewel of wisdom and another key to healing at a deeper level.”
D.M., Birmingham, AL

I can’t wait to see what is next!

“I have been a client of Susannah’s for two years now and am sooooooo grateful for her walking the path of healing with me!  Together we laugh, we cry, and we are awed by the power of  the simple techniques she uses. It is clear that Spirit is guiding her and me in these sessions, and I can’t wait to see what is next!”
F.G., Eugene, OR

My cup runneth over

“Transcendent … inspiring … powerful healing … delightful … these are good words to describe my meetings with Susannah.  When we first began working together, I was in a deep depression and couldn’t see my way through this life.  In time, she showed me how to “look up” instead of down, that the “glass was half full” and filling to the top each day instead of half empty.  And whenever I want to give her the credit for my healing, she always points out that I am the one who did the work and who made the choice to look up.  She says she is only acting as a guide and witness, but I wouldn’t be at this stage of healing without her. My cup runneth over.”
M.K., Boise, ID

My hopes and dreams are starting to manifest

“When Susannah taught me the Web of Creation, I felt very awkward and silly.  But I practiced it everyday anyway, and after about a week I began to notice a positive shift in my attitude towards myself and others.  After a month, I noticed my nightly dreams returning (or at least I was remembering them more easily).  After 3 months, old negative patterns and fears were melting away, and my hopes and dreams starting to manifest.  It has now been 9 months of practice, and I am now, without a doubt, a true believer in the Web of Creation.  I am so grateful to Spirit for sending this powerfully healing technique through Susannah, and I am grateful to her for risking the “woo woo” label and sharing this with me and others.”
C.W., Oxford, MS

I feel safe and comfortable

“Susannah helped me keep my center and sanity while I was going through a painful divorce.  She attuned me to Reiki, and now I am able to use it for pain and stress management.  I love her ability to take complicated issues and break them down into simple solutions.  Now I am ready to try her more unconventional techniques, because I feel safe and comfortable with her.”
J.G., Memphis, TN