Sound Therapy With Crystal Singing Bowls

Frequencies for Vibrant Wellness

susannah-singing-bowlsJoin Susannah Furr and her crystal singing bowls for a powerful experience using sound to balance/align the chakras and clear/activate the body’s energy field.


This energetic system is closely related to our nervous system and enlivens many other body systems, such as the reproductive, digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

When our energetic system is aligned and cleared, it results in a feeling of vibrant wellness. Susannah plays the bowls while leading a guided meditative journey resulting in an extraordinary state of relaxation and clarity and allowing for expansion into one’s true essence.

sound therapy
Susannah combines her grounded presence as a therapist and Reiki Master with her Bachelor’s degree in music to bring her audience in alignment with their authentic selves. She also uses the bowls for energetic sound healing in individual sessions. Susannah says, “In a recent event, one woman experienced a spontaneous healing of a major back problem. Most people report experiencing deep relaxation, emotional breakthroughs, inspiring visions, and an overall reset of the nervous system.” She has been touring the Southeast to share this experience with packed audiences.

Contact Susannah to set up a group or individual Sound Therapy experience.

“Susannah you and your singing bowls are amazing. I cannot express enough my gratitude to you and your bowls. I have an old back injury and have been experiencing unrelieved pain and pressure in my lower back for the past several months. Your singing bowls relieved that pain and pressure. When you were playing, I literally felt the vertebrae move and readjust itself. My back has not felt this good in a very long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope to see you and your bowls again soon.”
C.W., Meridian, MS
“Every time I experience Susannah Furr’s Crystal Singing Bowls, something changes inside of me. It’s really a phenomenal opportunity to tap into the parts of yourself that you don’t realize are hiding and how easy it can be to let go of what is no longer serving you.”
M.R.M., Fairhope, AL
“Your session at Awakened Life Yoga Retreat was the most powerful portion of the entire retreat for me.”
N.C., Gulf Shores, AL
“Crystal bowl chakra alignment with the beautiful Susannah Furr today really set me right.”
S.Y.B., Oxford, MS
“Susannah Furr, my friend with her #‎singingbowls reached the temple of my heart. Awakened Life Yoga Retreat.”
A.S.H, Gulf Shores, AL