Imagine …

You NOW find yourself, in this moment, waking up from the illusion of separation into a space of unconditional love, peace and a connection to the source of life. You have entered your sacred heart.

Here is where all is healed, where all the fragments of oneself gather, one by one, to be loved, accepted, acknowledged and integrated. Welcome Home!

SUSANNAH FURR, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

The mission of nowAWAKEnow is to facilitate this awakening of the heart, connecting you to your highest potential through partnering with Susannah in a creative, empowering and transforming journey of self-healing.

  • Journey to self-healing
  • Awaken your heart
  • Connect to your highest potential
  • Remember & reconnect to wholeness
  • Create new patterns of joy, peace and love
  • Fulfill your potential

Transpersonal Counseling

Detach from limited ego identity, release unhealthy patterns along the way, and connect & identify with your inner teacher/healer to become more integrated and empowered.

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August 12th, 2016|

NOW is time to declare your independence from the limitations of the ego! It may not be apparent, but much is happening in the outer and inner worlds, behind the scenes and in full transparency, to promote the expression of freedom for all.

Sound Therapy

Crystal Bowl frequencies for vibrant health. Receive a sense of well-being and an increase in energy and pain relief.

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