How do we define happiness? Is it something we acquire based on certain conditions being met? When I lose 10 pounds; once I meet my soul mate; when I get that job; if I make a certain amount of money; when the pandemic is over? Notice how these conditions depend on outer circumstances and require waiting and putting off happiness into the future.

What if happiness, true happiness, was unconditional and the only requirement for having it is to fully live in the NOW moment? 

Humanity is moving through a massive shift in consciousness; from the old paradigm of duality consciousness to the new paradigm of unity consciousness, also known as sacred aliveness. The global pandemic is forcing humanity to make a choice between these two ways of being in the world, and our Mother Earth is very much needing humanity to choose the latter, because the old paradigm of consumerism and rampant consumption of Her resources is not sustainable.

Duality consciousness is based in polarized energies: dark/light, past/future, male/female, right/wrong, left/right, black/white, love/hate, etc., and we can see how this has polarized humanity to manifest wars, famines, pollution, unbridled consumption, divisive political parties, etc. This operation system has shaped humanity’s reality on earth for thousands of years and has come to the end of its usefulness. How has it been useful? This system has allowed us to grow and evolve and learn lessons about the limitations of the separate ego which is what develops from duality consciousness. Based in separateness, we have explored fear vs. peace, greed vs. generosity, competition vs. cooperation, hate vs. love, hoarding vs. sharing, wealth vs. poverty, and so on. It is NOW time to graduate from these lessons and move on to the next level of consciousness.

Unity consciousness is free of polarity. At this level we identify not as a separate ego but as one with all that is. Here we realize that what we do to others we literally do to our self; therefore, we only wish to be kind and compassionate and loving. We identify with the Earth and feel at one with Her with love so potent our stewardship emerges with ease.
How do we get from duality consciousness to unity consciousness? I have developed a formula for making this shift, activating 5 aspects of sacred aliveness.

I call this activation HAPPY NOW, and the words serve as acronyms for being:

Awake, with
Passion and
Power, saying
Yes to life in the Never-ending Omnipresent Wholeness of all that is

Being HERE – We are asked to show up and ground into the NOW; to practice mindfulness and redirect the attention to return to the present whenever it strays off into the past or future. Using The 5 senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell), which are our receptors and synthesizers of vibration/energy, we come to our senses. Focusing on each sense for a minute or so helps us tune the dial to the here and now. And meditation, of course.

AWAKE – Once we are here, we are awake. Our conscious awareness is activated and no longer operating on automatic pilot. The ego mind relaxes control and gives way to the higher mind, no longer operating from duality consciousness. We are NOW in unity consciousness, beyond polarized stories and dramas and awake to the infinite possibilities in the present moment, no longer bound by past/future.

With PASSION – Being here and awake, passion ignites the heart, and we live from the heart in higher wisdom. Our creativity and creative expression expand as we live our life doing what has heart and meaning for us. We have compassion for self and others without effort. The Inner Critic dissolves into higher love. We follow our bliss and do what we love, and the moment provides us with what we need.

POWER – The NOW is where true power resides when body/mind/spirit are all aligned. This is the biggest challenge for most.  How we use our power displays how separate or connected we are to NOW.  Do we give our power away to others, to doubt, to the separate ego?  Do we force control and power over others?  Power struggles and establishing healthy boundaries are major lessons to master in duality consciousness. When we are in the NOW, there is no ego to defend, therefore no need to control life.  Most are afraid of their power, for here is our will to act, set intentions, make choices, and hold ourselves responsible for them. Being here and awake in our passion in the NOW moment liberates us from this fear and frees us to exercise our true power.

YES – Saying yes to life in the NOW is acceptance, letting go, no striving, no resistance, and surrendering the separate ego identity to the NOW.  Whenever we face resistance, we know we have contracted into the ego again. Simply come back to the senses in the NOW, awaken in passion with right use of power and say YES to life!

This simple formula provides 5 keys for living in the Never-ending Omnipresent Wholeness of the present moment. This moment is never-ending, it is eternal.

Pause right now, take a few breaths, and focus on the truth and feeling of eternity/infinity that exists now. Each moment becomes the next moment, and your energetic awareness tracks each now-now-now….it is endless, do you see?

The pulse beat of the heart…now-now-now…The NOW is omnipresent; present everywhere all at once, not contained by time or space. There is true freedom in this moment. NOW is the portal/gateway into sacred aliveness/eternal happiness.



If you would like to go deeper into the Happy Now practice, consider working with Susannah for a few sessions or perhaps make an appointment for a Happy Reading. Find more information on these options.