To liberate oneself from the story of the ego is a momentous leap utterly necessary in order to wake up to your true nature. – Marc Gafni

NOW is time to declare your independence from the limitations of the ego!

It may not be apparent, but much is happening in the outer and inner worlds, behind the scenes and in full transparency, to promote the expression of freedom for all. The truth is not found in the mainstream media. It is found in your hearts. And what is the truth?


Dear Reader, I know you have your moments and sometimes whole days (yay!) when you really know and feel this freedom.  And I know it can be disheartening when the contraction occurs, and once again those disempowering thoughts and feelings return.  Your addictions and other self-negating behaviors all stem from attempting to escape the pain of separation of feeling trapped in the lower ego mind, where limiting beliefs about reality control and trigger your emotions.  It is a cycle of powerlessness that one repeats over and over. Again, when identified with the stories of duality consciousness, there is always a sense of lack, of not-enoughness.  It is a cycle that can be broken, though, with diligent self- observation, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

blog2If we are already inherently free, how come we don’t always feel free? It is a matter of perspective. From the perspective of the lower ego mind (duality consciousness), freedom is just out of reach, there in the future. And from the higher mind of our Essence (unity consciousness), freedom already IS!  Therefore, the task is to raise awareness to the level of unity consciousness and do this moment by now moment, eventually being able to catch oneself in the act of identifying with the ego and shift one’s perspective to higher consciousness.

How to declare independence from ego/duality consciousness:

  • Practice mindfulness each and every moment you can in order to develop your Observer Self, the one who is aware of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and responses.
  • This Observer is able to see you in the act of being identified with the ego.  You know you are caught up in ego when reacting in fear, anger, jealousy, envy, possessiveness, greed, defensiveness, judgment, blame, etc.
  • Acknowledge the emotions and/or negative thought patterns, express them in healthy ways like journaling, physical exercise, with a trusted confidant and/or counselor, then let them go, no longer giving them energy to control your identification.
  • The ego needs attention and repetitive playback in order to be in control. Playback is telling yourself the story, over and over, day in and day out. When you simply observe your reactions/thoughts without feeding them more energy through continued playback, the ego eventually takes its proper place in your psyche. The ego’s true purpose is to help with survival issues and provides structure that helps you organize your life. It is not meant to rule your life choices and decisions. The latter is the job of your higher consciousness.
  • Spend meditative time at the level of unity consciousness every moment you can. This anchors that level of freedom in your body/mind/spirit, and this becomes your true identity. You have the power to expand your awareness to this level and make it your dominant and ultimately permanent reality.

This takes practice and vigilance and well worth the effort of self-observation. Hang in there and know you are FREE NOW and enjoying this true freedom at the level of higher consciousness. By doing this work, you are benefiting not only yourself, but all others in your circle of friends and family. Thank you for being FREE!