What is awakening now within you? What is on the very edge of your awareness calling for your attention? What does it take to answer the call?

Why do you give your attention to all the distractions? And who IS this you, who is aware of this awakening?

In this blog, I will share my own answers to these questions in service to the greater awakening of our collective consciousness.

blog1As a collective, we are all going through an awakening, a quickening in our evolution as conscious human beings.  We are waking up from a long slumber where we’ve been collectively dreaming a story that has been based in 3D reality, duality consciousness, which is a polarized system that keeps us distracted in the drama of black/white, male/female, right/wrong, democrat/republican, east/west, givers/takers, rich/poor, and on and on it goes. This unstoppable Awakening is forcing us out of our comfort zones in order to truly live from a higher level, a more expansive dimension of reality called Unity Consciousness.  For the most part, these changes are very exciting and wondrous to behold.  Yet, as positive as this shift in consciousness is, change is stressful, and duality consciousness has a strong magnetic pull to remain the same. So, we distract ourselves with endless things to keep from hearing and answering the call to awaken and expand.

To answer this call requires putting aside the distractions and focusing your attention on the present now moment.
While journaling one day, using automatic writing on this topic, I was given this phrase to use for the NOW:

Never-ending Omnipresent Wholeness

This moment is never-ending, it is eternal.   Each moment becomes the next moment, and your energetic awareness tracks each and every now. now. now…

It has no beginning and no end. There is no other moment.  Past, present and future all occur within the NOW, the present.
Stop, take a breath, focus your attention on this mind-blowing fact. Will you be here now?

The NOW is omnipresent … present … everywhere … all at once. This moment is not contained by time or space.  Focus attention on the freedom inherent in this. Choose to push the reality re-set button here now.
And in this freedom exists an awareness of the wholeness of your true Self. It is a wholeness that is infinitely wise and all loving. Each time you focus on the NOW, you are AWAKE to an expansive level of consciousness, Unity Consciousness, that is inherently wise and unconditionally loving.  This is your true Self, or Higher Self, or Essence, the part of you directly plugged in to the Source of Creation.

One can deepen into the NOW through various practices. Of course, daily meditation practice, devoted to experiencing present moment awareness, is truly the key.  It works to re-wire the brain, literally, and facilitates your shift in consciousness. Also key is practicing mindfulness during as many now moments as you will. Mindfulness is focusing your attention completely in the present moment during all your activities, such as walking, talking, making love, brushing teeth, running, yoga, washing dishes, checking email, “chop wood, carry water”, etc. When the mind wanders into the past or future, simply bring your attention back to the NOW, using the breath to anchor you here and now.  As long as you are in a physical body, there is never a moment when you are not breathing, so use the breath as your mindful focus.

And who IS this you, who is aware of the breath? Who is awakening? This question points to a great mystery which will only be answered within the depths of your own heart wisdom. Therefore, each one of us must go deeply into the now moment for the answer.  NOW is the portal to your true home, calling you from deep within to return to who you really are. Welcome Home!